Tuesday, 9 October 2012

the reason

There is a reason why most women, esp. most Indian women feel more raped than loved in their marriages. & that reason is Indian television – which shows   glorifies most good men taking time with their relationships, making their women fall for them, as they slowly reach physical comfort levels. Women naturally fantasize!!!
So all you men out there in conservative arranged marriage couples – read with all your attention.
Firstly women are not as needy as men are. And secondly women are rarely as bold as men are. Women are shy and need to be aroused, not aroused outright but gently and subtly. It takes time. Women are not in already in love with you (considering arrange marriages. Or partly love marriages. ) they need to be wooed. They need to be comfortable with your physical presence. They need to feel like you are worth them. So don’t expect them to be hurricanes in bed, least of all on your first night.
Plus they are emotionally distraught at having just left the people, the home they have lived all their lives with. They would not be in mood to make love – not for at least a week until they get slightly (mind it just slightly) used to the absence of their usual surroundings. 
First step is finding out what shows the girl likes on TV. If she is TV person (and most girls are) or what books she likes. Observe the guys in those areas and see the things they do that make all the girls so gaga over them. You could YouTube the TV-boys or Google the book-boys.
Here’s a list of very common things you can do to make them fall head over heels in love with you, before you approach them for carnal satisfaction.
·         Compliment her whenever, possible. Nothing pleases a girl more than her husband telling her she looks gorgeous. Praise her – make her blush, not only does it build her confidence around you, but it also makes her trust you.
·         Trust – that’s important in any relationship.  Work on building it.
·         Hold her hand, privately in public- didn’t get it?? Under the table, or casually in a shop, on the road, in a bus/auto.  Link arms with her. It symbolizes protection, comfort, and possessiveness.
·         Be a gentleman, hold chairs, open doors, if she puts up a feminist fight – tell her its chivalry. There’s something exciting about a respectful chivalrous man that most women can’t resist.  Or forget.
·         Do things that will make her heart race, arouse her but leave her wanting more. (Hint - watch Indian TV for help).  Ex: go near and tie her dori, help her by removing her jewelry, put on/ take off her shoes, hold her when she trips, brush your skin against her, hold her hand when she hands you something.  Let her wonder if it was a dream.
·          Wink at her in a gathering when no one’s looking. Make sure no one was looking or else you might never hear the end of it.
·         Take her to visit her parent’s home.  As a surprise.
·         Respect her parents like you expect her to respect yours. Meaningfully.
·         Take her out for dinner to her fav place. Call it a date.
·         Dance with her. Dance is one of the most intimate possible actions you can do without receiving any kind of refusals.
·         Leave her notes – hand written notes– under the pillow, in her purse, in the cupboard. Personalize it – use your imagination.
·         Call her from work – tell her you miss her. Or text her.
·         Bring her flowers. Before that find out what flowers she likes.
·         Take her to a religious place. Tell her you want to thank god for sending her to you.
·         Ask for her opinion. Make her feel valued. Not just used.
·         Defend her – decide how to do it.
·         Play something – chess, cards, ludo, snakes and ladders, scrabble, anything. Make bets for favours. Winners askers – losers fulfillers.
·         Always give her choices.  Don’t force her. Ever.
·         Buy her something you want to see her in. start with something decent and then go on to whatever you like.
·         Take her shopping. Chics love to shop.  
·         Remind her you love her – everyday. More than twice a day preferably.
Ask her if she’s comfortable with you. Take it slow. Most women can be very giving in bed when you don’t rush the love. Touch, feel, explore, do more than just the deed. If the love is rushed women don’t feel the emotional connection that love should bring about – they just feel carnal. When given the time to see you without thinking of sex, women will want to give themselves to you, more often and more imaginatively. 
When you have won over her heart – you will be surprised at the girl in your bedroom.

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  1. You truly are a feminist. I adore you for the person your are. Thank you for coming in my life.

    About the post, well I respect the fact that you brought up something like this. I really hope that people, esp men do read it. It is really imp for them to know what women feel, they aren't just something to toy with, they have feelings as well.

    P.S.1 - Have you read about the Delhi 23 years old women rape crisis(17th dec). Well, I really hope that this time people teach the men to behave and not the women to dress.
    P.S.2 - Sorry for being absent for so long. Loads of love.