Saturday, 7 July 2012

Take the time

 The world turns around and around, we move and come back to the same place. Some things change and some never do. The sun rises and the sun sets. Life comes back to a full circle. And while life is busy wrinkling our skins, creasing our foreheads, growing our kids, piling up dust on our things and experiences on our souls, what are we doing? 

Every once in a while, stop, think, kya mai sahi kar rahi hoon? Am I doing the right thing? Your values, morals and ethics may be right but they may not always be apt for the situation. Sometimes they end up causing harm more than good. Think about the way your actions affect others. Sometimes while proving yourself to yourself, you end up disturbing another life entirely.
Think about the cause and effect, why you are doing something and what will it result in?

Between living and existing, try to find a reason for it – a purpose.  A purpose worth defending.  Because I always say if you have nothing in your life worth defending then you life is worthless. Google search your life, find what you value the most and hold on to it, fight for it, defend it, cherish it.
Har pal. Every moment.

Reap the joys of childhood - help other kids, spend time with children, and see the world through their eyes. Spending time with innocence brings peace, it balances the evil and the dirty politics you come across on your daily life. It keeps you grounded to being innocent and shows you how to keep yourself free from petty worries.

While appointing values, learn to value life over money, health over job, family over work, and laughter over pain. Value not only humans but humanity, as a whole.  Value the love, that you get and that you give, and the love that you see around you.  Value innocence over brilliance, for acts of innocence are much more trust-able and heart-warming than acts of brilliance. Brilliance can be appreciated, admired, envied, but innocence can be loved and felt.  Respect what you value.

Save nature, nothing can give you more peace than the beauty of a sunrise illuminating your life, or a sunset deepening you realization of loss, or a waterfall cascading into itself- shattering your reflection, or a sea - serene and aggravating – at the same time.  The beauty of flowers, the smell of rain, the wind breezing by, nothing man-made can even come close to these joys.

Whatever you do may be important, but it can’t to be important enough to be your life. Take a break, give yourself some time, alone.

At the end of every day ask yourself how much have I lived for others? What is a life that has not spent even a part of it for others? Do well to strangers, people whom you know can never pay you back, do somethings just to watch others benefit from it. Watch them smile, and you will experience a joy you can never put into words. Do even better for the people you love, you need not tell them how much you love them, just show them.

Talk less, give voice to your actions, let them convey your words.

And while living for others, don’t forget to live for yourself, go ahead and relax.

Think about life and its mysteries.
Think again.
Then restart your life anew. 

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