Thursday, 27 September 2012

Say it small

Words have power. To heal, to comfort, to break, to build, to arouse, to flare, to feel, to change, to kill. And sometimes you needn’t use too many of them, just a few strong ones make an impact powerful enough to stop you in your tracks.  Here’s my list of a few powerful words.

*      Come back home
*      I’m really sorry
*      Waiting for you
*      I love you
*      He/ she said yes
*      Just got married
*      Finally my turn
*      God is great
*      Share with me
*      Love you too
*      I’m proud of you
*      You’re the best
*      Your mine
*      I’m yours
*      One more chance
*       Serve first self last
*      Kiss me again
*      Don’t grow up
*      We belong together
*      I need you
*      Trust me
*      Trust us
*      Its my life
*      Now or never
*      This is right
*      This is wrong
*      Go on
*      Don’t go
*      Believe in yourself
*      Think positive
*      Be positive
*      Be happy
*      Take care
*      Be safe
*      You are not alone
*      I am with you
*      There is a reason
*      Hope is not a plan
*      Live your life
*      Don’t cry
*      This isn’t goodbye
*      I found it
*      I promise you
*      Stop it now
*      Lets start now
*      Let go
*      It OK
*      Thank you
*      The pleasure is mine
*      I am honoured
*      Not a problem
*      I love it
*      This is for you
*      Widen your horizons
*      Life is too small
*      See it my way
*      Try to do it
*      Never say never
*      Keep the faith
*      Tell me
*      I’ll help you
*      Do not read
*      Little things matter
*      Don’t forget
*      God forbid
*      Expect the unexpected
*      Give hope/ faith another chance
*      Shoot your ego
*      First deserve then desire
*      Promise me
*      I am trusting you
*      I don’t know
*      It was nice
*       That’s why
*      Through my eyes
*      Yours truly
*      Yours forever
*      You should try
*      Nothing else matters
*      Don’t be afraid
*      Marry  me
*      I don’t care
*      God knows
*      You make me smile
*      Young at heart
*      Keep smiling
*      Move on
*      Do your best
*      This is me
*      Don’t cross your limits
*      Forget it
*      Nothing like this
*      I know
*      Believe me
*      Come here
*      Hold my hand
*      I thought I mattered enough
*      Hakuna matata.

All these are a compilations of a jumble of  sentences in 4 or less words I have either said to someone and meant it so strongly or have been said and felt it so strongly that I felt it worth penning down. Every single one has a story to it that will always remain vivid in my heart.  Feel free to add your own say-it-smalls and I will add it to my list. 


  1. Hakuna Matata. 'There are no worries'.
    This isn't goodbye.
    I. Love. You. little words that have a huge effect
    Love the words chosen...

  2. You make me smile, and Life is too small. Words - beautiful endearing words :-)

  3. Okay, so here's something for you -
    I'm really sorry for not being in touch for long.
    I would always wait for your reply.....forever.
    God is great as he brought you in my life.
    If you have any trouble, share with me.
    I'm proud of you and your choices.
    You are the BEST sister and friend I've ever got and I cross my heart.
    God forbid, if I ever break your heart do give me a chance to rectify my mistake. Loosing you would the worst thing in my life.
    Don't grow up and be a kid at heart.
    I need you now and will always need you.
    Keep going on, you have a destiny to fulfil.
    Believe in yourself. Your heart is always right. Listen to it.
    Be happy. Your happiness radiates through the air and reaches me which makes me smile.
    Be safe.
    You are not alone. Turn around and I will always be there to back you up.
    You can lean on me.
    There is a reason me met but it is not important that all the questions should be answered.
    Hope that someday we would meet.
    Live your life, it is yours.
    Don't cry. Even in your darkest hour, I will be there to show you the light.
    Think positive. Your thoughts have the capacity to make something happen.
    I promise you, I will hold your hand until the end.
    Its okay.
    Thank you for coming in my life.
    I am honoured to have a sis and friend like you.
    This is message is for you and you only.
    Life is too small, so don't wait, just grab the opportunity and rock the floor.
    Never say never, life is full of surprises.
    Keep the faith and believe in me.
    Tell me, I am there to listen.
    I'll help you in all your odds.
    Expect the unexpected, I found you and I have this quite unexplainable bond with you. I might be stupid but I just can't express this bond....its special.
    Promise me, you will never keep away from sharing your troubles with me.
    Don't be afraid. You are strong enough to battle the problem that is why you are facing it.
    God knows that me love for you is pure and without and wax.
    Keep smiling.
    I trust you.
    Trust me, ever word that I have spoken is true, pure and straight from my heart.
    This isn't goodbye.....I will write to you again.
    Finally its my turn to say - I Love you didi.

    Yours truly for forever
    Your Sweetie

    1. my love- thanks for the lovely words, you stole my heart now, and i love you too - sincerely yours.