Tuesday, 26 June 2012


Every once in a while something happens, something that shakes you up from inside, that moves your entire life around, something that makes you want to run, scream, fall, do something. Not just do anything - but something that is worth this life you are leading.
It may not happen to you, it could happen to someone you knew, or someone around you or may be even someone you didn’t know at all.   It revives your worst fears, your uncertainties, teases your emotions, urges you, begs you, manipulates you. 

A similar incident moved me to start this blog. Death. Of a dear one, and then of an acquaintance, and then of a random person at a friend’s collage, and then of an innocent baby somewhere in my country – repeatedly telecasted on the news channels….  Too many deaths, too many losses, for me to keep calm and hold myself together.
As I wept, silently, praying for their well-being in the hereafter, I "re-realised" that this life is too short to procrastinate; it’s here today, gone tomorrow.
How many of us live to see the days we dream of, how many of us live to fulfil the promises we made, what is the guarantee that something I want to do, I will be here tomorrow to do it?? So many that we know of move on into another world without living up to their dreams, barely experiencing life, and that is what upsets me most. All I wanted to know was why did they go so early? Did our prayers fall short? Did no one pay attention to them? Did anyone bother to fulfill their dreams? Didn’t they have any dreams? Life should have been fair enough to at least give them a chance to live their desires. It feels almost guilty to be alive when kids younger than you pass away. 

Weep not, Death is the just another journey, my mother tells me.
But it’s not this journey; you don’t live it like you live here. I weep some more.
All I want is to be someone before I die, I don’t want to live, and leave, without ever attempting to fulfill my dreams. And all I dream of is to be a good friend, a good companion, a good person who has made some tiny difference in this big bad world. Well mostly anyways.

With this, I hope to allow you a peek into my mind while I muse about life as I know it.
Don’t judge me, just walk with me and you will find a good companion, 
and I hope your time here will be well – spent.
Welcome to my head and my heart.


  1. Just started reading your blog....earlier had come to wish you and off-course be the best to say "I love You" ;P.
    Okay, now coming to the blog...I loved the name - "Placid Turbulence"...these two words are contrasting, contradictory...loved it. Bang on...(You know, I had to go through the dictionary and all so that I could give you some professional comments...hehehee)

    Okay, now coming to the topics...you have always been a very balanced writer and I have always loved the way you write...you know its kind of really nice and touching to read it....it feels as if everything that you write comes out from your heart...the core. Love it.

    I will comment soon after reading everything. :)

    P.S. - I am first over here too....so I love you didi. :D

    1. Made a mistake - Its not best, its *first
      And whatever I said, is straight from the heart, no sugar coating and I really mean it.

  2. After reading it, the first thing that came to my mind was, "what a beautiful person is the writer"...I didn't know that you were this awesome, this amazing and this beautiful.

    I think you know that I believe in souls, life after death.....spiritual beliefs. Well, I am happy that your mother is there to guide you in this time and do hear her.

    Everything happens for a reason, many a times it is to balance the karma and many a times for a change, for change is the only constant thing in this world but there it one ultimate truth that never changes....death. Death.

    I have never been so frank nor so publish but with you I always find myself free...free to speak to you and tell you what I want to, maybe coz I know that you would listen to me without judging me and that is what makes you special for me.

    I don't know from what hell you must be going through and I don't think I can even imagine what you are feeling but I just want to tell you that whatever happens has a brighter perspective, a positive side too, you just need the vision to see it. Those people who died, they gave you a reason a meaning to your life, you know how important it is, you know its true value, maybe their purpose in life was to give you a purpose. There can be many reasons but the point is, we have to figure out the right one...

    You are a very sensible writer, and you know what you have to write. They say, "The pen of a writer is mightier than the sword of a soldier." Those who are still the good ones will surely connect with you and would feel the truth.....so just keep up the good work.

    You are awesome just as the way you are.....keep it up and keep letting us peek into your mind.

    As just a reader, I have to say this.....I absolutely LOVE the way you express your thoughts, yourself.

    Love you didi. Take care.

  3. yes love i got your replies and i cannot express my joy in knowing you are always there for me. i loved the way you have brought a smile to my face after a whole week of pretending to be normal at home bcz these 3 deaths were just swirling in my head again and again, i was feeling so low and now after reading this i have genuinely smiled for the first time in a week. i love you too and know that you are always a part of my prayers..
    btw i can see all the makings of a past life threapist,
    remember i am just a prayer away.

    1. Its so nice to hear that I am the reason for your smile. I hope you get many more reasons to smile. Will reply on later...till then keep smiling because I really don't want a tear in your eyes or else I will feel the pain right in my heart.
      Hehehe, I really needed someone who would say it, thank you.....(for the past life therapist sentence) :D

      Love you too....muah.